Former Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sheridan has tested positive for COVID-19.

The actor, who is currently in hotel quarantine in Sydney after flying in from the US two weeks ago, revealed in a lengthy Instagram post that he has the virus.

“I’ve been quiet for the last few days cause I’ve been feeling all the varied emotions about my positive Covid test,” Sheridan wrote.

“I had a negative result when I arrived (in Australia). I now know all my friends including who took me to LAX airport are all negative so it’s been confusing for me, it’s scary, frustrating & lonely.”

Sheridan warned his followers to be vigilant, writing that COVID-19 is “seriously clever”.

“Knowing now, that no one I saw back home overseas has it means I got it in a very short space of time (in transit or a surface) while I had minimal human contact,” he wrote.

Understandably the actor is feeling down but he decided to go public with his positive result in a bid “to help release stigma around guys talking about feeling blue”.

In his post, the 35-year-old from Adelaide thanked quarantine staff and the RPA Virtual Hospital who he said have “been amazingly informative & positive (emotionally)”.

“To everyone that received a positive Covid test, I now know how that feels, I wish we could all be together so we could offer each other a shoulder or even better a HUG!” he wrote.

“If I’m not on social media as much it’s not necessarily cause I’m down, it’s cause it can make me feel a lil worse for the moment.”

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A number of Aussie stars left messages of support for Sheridan on his Instagram including some of his former Packed to the Rafters co-stars.

“Here for you always sweetheart,” Rebecca Gibney wrote. “And yes you will get through this because you are a strong wonderful beautiful soul.”

George Houvardas, who played Nick “Carbo” Karandonis on the former Channel 7 drama, wrote to Sheridan: “Have a whiskey mate, you’ll be OK.”


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