South eastern Australia is going into spring with a bang with the warmest weather for months set to hit.

But the drama won’t just be in the temperatures. Large areas of the country can expect wild winds, dust storms and thunderstorms too as a trough sweeps through New South Wales and Victoria.

“The heat is on and that will filter down into south eastern parts with Thursday in particular seeing the warmest weather since April for much of NSW and particularly along that coastal fringe,” said Sky News Weather Meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

Sydney’s CBD is forecast to top out at 29C on Thursday which is 9C above average and closer to high summer. Head into the western suburbs of the city and 30C is a real possibility.

That hot weather is being sucked down from north western Western Australia which has been seeing record breaking seasonal temperatures.

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With the sun come storms, said Mr Sharpe, who said lots of moisture is being blown towards the east.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had proper thunderstorm activity but it’s likely to get going on Thursday in southern NSW, the ACT and up into the central ranges as well.”

Look out for weather warnings across the entire region. Already the Bureau of Meteorology has said damaging winds of up to 70 km/h with 90 km/h gusts could barrel through the Snowy Mountains and up towards Canberra and the Southern Highlands on Wednesday.

Similar warnings are in place across much of Victoria on Wednesday morning including Melbourne, Ballarat and the Alps. There could also still be some gusts in South Australia first thing Wednesday.


Beginning in Western Australia, rain will be a feature in Perth today. That will clear by the evening ushering in dry conditions until Sunday when the rain, heavy at times, returns.

There will be highs in the late teens in Perth but spiking to 24C on Saturday. Lows will be around 10C.

Adelaide should be clear today but expect showers for the rest of the week before a fine and sunny Sunday. The mercury will be around the 17C mark before reaching 23C on Sunday and then 26C on a warm Monday. Like Perth, lows will be in the 10C region.

Those fierce winds could make it messy in Melbourne on Wednesday. There will be some rain but it should be more settled from Friday. A high of 21C today will dip to 17C on Friday before rising again on Sunday.

Hobart won’t see the bumps in temperature with days in the mid to high teens heading into the weekend. A windy Wednesday with a possible shower on Friday.

The capital will see temperatures between 17 and 20C for the rest of the week and weekend but with some chilly lows – it will sink to just 1C early on Saturday morning, for instance. Windy on Wednesday in Canberra as the trough passes through.

Hot in the Harbour City. A high of 25C today will rise to almost 30C on Thursday before heading down towards the low-twenties again. A possible shower in Sydney on Friday.

The city’s western suburbs could get a degree or two hotter. But anywhere along the coast, from Bega to Ballina, could see hotter than average spring weather on Thursday and possibly into Friday before a big fall in the mercury as the weekend arrives.

Brisbane will stay out of the fray with a settled few days in the mid-twenties with plenty of sun peeking through the clouds and a possible shower on Sunday.

The temperature will reach the mid-thirties in Darwin during the day and 23C overnight. Blue skies throughout.


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