CHILLING footage shows the moment a woman checks her hair in a lift mirror before stabbing her ex-girlfriend 40 times after she fell from a balcony.

Zixi Wang, 30, pleaded guilty to killing former partner Shuyu Zhou, 23, outside a Sydney apartment block in June of last year.

CCTV footage shows Zixi Wang, 30, checking her hair before stabbing her girlfriend to death[/caption]

Wang, pictured, pleaded guilty to the murder of Shuyu Zhou, 23[/caption]

Zhou fell from a balcony at Wang’s Sydney apartment[/caption]

Zhou had gone to Wang’s apartment to get some belongings after the couple separated, but Wang reportedly tried to stop her leaving.

Zhou then climbed over a balcony railing, but fell 30 metres onto a corrugated fence.

Neighbours reported hearing the couple arguing loudly and items being smashed prior to the fall.

Zhou’s injuries included head injuries, a dislocated left hip, broken lower spine, and lacerated kidney and liver.

New South Wales Supreme Court was shown 11 minutes of footage in which Zhou could be seen moving and trying to get up.

Following the fall, Wang got a lift down to the ground floor and exited the building.

CCTV images showed her approaching Zhou and rearranging her clothes as she lay incapacitated on the floor.

Wang then reentered the block and got back in the lift, where security footage shows her calmly checking her hair in a mirror on the wall.

She then exited the lift, and around a minute later returned in a different pair of trousers and reportedly carrying a knife in her pocket.

After returning to the ground floor, she attacked Zhou with the knife, stabbing her in the head, neck, and upper body.


Wang’s trial heard that Zhou suffered some 40 stab wounds and a further 18 precision or puncture wounds in the attack.

A pathologist also concluded that the injuries Zhou sustained in the fall “would not have been immediately fatal”.

Wang fled the scene in Zhou’s Mercedez Benz and was arrested the following morning after a manhunt.

A sentencing hearing on Monday heard a statement from Zhou’s mother, Li Wang.

“I just want an answer from the murderer, how could you be so merciless?” she said.

“What on earth are you, a human being or a devil?

“Although I’m living a life as good as dead, I still want to live on.

“Just hoping to see the day when the murderer gets the justice she deserves.”

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Wang pleaded guilty to her former partner’s murder in May.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on October 2.

Wang seen entering a lift at her building before stabbing Zhou[/caption]

Zhou fell onto a corrugated fence outside the building[/caption]

Zhou’s mother, Li Wang, asked Wang: ‘How could you be so merciless?’[/caption]

Wang will be sentenced on October 2[/caption]


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