Curtin University is looking to slash $45 million in costs, warning staff in a consultation paper that they need to cut employment costs by a whopping $41 million.

The paper, titled responding to revenue forecasts and budgetary challenges, warns of coming significant workplace change, and the need to reduce the number of staff employed at the Perth university to save $30 million, but only if staff forgoe a two per cent pay rise due in June next year which would achieve a saving of $11 million.

The university paper says the aim is to achieve as much savings as possible via voluntary redundancies, with the application process to open shortly.

Curtin University is looking to cut costs.Credit:Erin Jonasson

The document notes that the university’s academic and professional employment costs are amongst the highest in the country.

“If other successful universities are able to deliver quality core requirements with staff costs less than our university, what is it that we are doing that others are not?,” the paper says.

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