NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has hit out at the Queensland Government, saying she “doesn’t understand” its border closure given both states have recorded similar coronavirus case numbers.

Appearing on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show, Ms Berejiklian said the ongoing border closure between both states was creating “horrible” situations and causing “stress” on both sides of the border.

“I don’t understand what the Queensland Government does,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“We’ve said to them we don’t understand why they have the border up with NSW.

“Yesterday we had around the same cases … Why the border is still there I don’t know. It’s really putting a downer and a stress on people.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been criticised over her ongoing border closure with the southern states, especially from national politicians who argue it is drastically impacting the Australian economy.

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Ms Palaszczuk’s policy has also been slammed for double standards, after a pregnant northern NSW woman lost one of her unborn twins due to being forced to travel to a hospital in Sydney instead of one 40 minutes across the border in Queensland, while 400 AFL employees and their families were openly welcomed into the state.

The latest example of a family divided by the border closures is between dying Brisbane truck driver Mark Keans, who has been told he has inoperable cancer and is unlikely to survive past Christmas.

Mr Keans has been asked to choose which of his children to see as only one of four will be able to cross the border to Queensland to visit him before he dies.

Ms Berejiklian described the situation as “horrible” and said it was time to banish the border with NSW.

“It is a horrible situation,” she said.

“That’s what we want to avoid. No matter what side of the border you are on, it’s what we want to avoid. We are all Aussies.

“Our numbers are roughly the same, and we just need to support each other and support our communities rather than having this aspiration of zero (coronavirus) cases indefinitely because that’s just not possible to shut down an economy.

“You can’t eliminate because it keeps popping up. You can strive to have no cases but that’s a really hard ask.”


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