“The reason is they have mingling in Victoria, so they can continue to mingle here and they wear the risk,” Dr Young said.


“If one of them becomes positive, they are getting regularly tested as part of the protocol, then they’re all into individual quarantine. You wouldn’t want that in another hotel.

“We’ve got 24 hotels in Queensland that we’re quarantining people in and people come in on different days, so you will have 300 today and 300 tomorrow.

“If they [AFL employees and families] want to mingle and one of them becomes positive, as happens fairly regularly, then that entire hotel will be shut down and everyone in it for another 14 days.

“So you would have people due to be released that day who will all of a sudden have to be kept there for another 14 days.


“Whereas all of these people [AFL employees and families] have come in together, being regularly tested, and then on day 14, if no one has been positive, they can all leave that quarantine.

“They are not mingling with hotel staff, the staff provide the food and leave them to that.”

Ms Palaszczuk said she felt like Queensland was being singled out for criticism regarding its restrictions and health measures because it won the race to host the AFL grand final.

“Whoever won that grand final would have had the exact same restrictions put in place.


“If it had been NSW, South Australia or Western Australia, these were national agreements, agreed by the national cabinet and the health professionals so, you know, it’s almost as if we’re being singled out because we won it.

“The economic benefit to Queensland is enormous … The other parts of the world where there is no sport happening, no business happening.

“This is in Queensland because we are focused on the health response. Our economy is able to do better than in other states.”

Queensland recorded zero new COVID-19 cases on Friday. Only 25 active cases remain in the state.

Toby Crockford is a breaking news reporter at the Brisbane Times


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