A young family claims their hotel quarantine stay in Perth was marred by filthy and worrying conditions.

Speaking to Channel 9 news the Cunningham family said their room contained a dirty cot, hair-covered sheets and dirty linen while a security guard slept on the job outside their room.

They paid $250 a night to stay at the Novotel Perth Langley — a total of $3500 after their stay — for a room that they claim had no airconditioning and windows that fogged up.

“(It’s) absolutely stressful and it’s not something I would ever subject (my daughter) to under normal situations,” Betty Cunningham told Channel 9.

“They actually tried to make (us) upgrade that and pay extra for a room that would even fit the three of us comfortably,” her husband, Luke Cunningham, added.

They arrived home from Melbourne on Tuesday with their eight-month-old daughter, Presley.

They were allowed to travel on compassionate grounds after being denied by state authorities five times.

Aside from the alleged filthy conditions, the family said their food had been arriving up to two hours late and that they were forced to wash Presley’s bottles with body soap in the sink next to a toilet. They also said two cots delivered for the baby arrived with stains.

There are currently 1500 people quarantining in hotels in Perth.

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The city has already had some issues with its system after two women who escaped from mandatory hotel quarantine.

The pair, aged 19 and 22, flew in Perth from Adelaide to visit family.

Police said they escaped hotel quarantine at the Novotel on Murray St at about 1.30am before getting in a taxi and travelling to a unit block in Coolbellup.

The two women have each been charged with failing to comply with a COVID-19 direction.

News.com.au has reached out to Novotel for comment.


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