Haigh’s Chocolates is recalling a batch of its Milk Chocolate Maltichocs made specifically for Father’s Day after undeclared hazelnuts were detected in the product.

The recall affects Haigh’s Chocolates Milk Chocolate Maltichocs 250g (cardboard box) with a “best before” date of January 17, 2021, batch code 2107422.

This product is available at Haigh’s Chocolates online and in retail outlets in South Australia, New South Wales and Canberra. No other Haigh’s Chocolate products are affected by the recall.

Department for Health and Wellbeing’s Acting Director of Food and Controlled Drugs Branch, Joanne Cammans, said the batch of chocolates contain unmarked nut allergens due to chocolate hazelnuts being packaged as Milk Chocolate Maltichocs, which could cause harm.

“Ingesting nut products can potentially cause a dangerous reaction for people who are allergic,” Ms Cammans said.

“Severe reactions to nut allergens can cause anaphylaxis, which in some situations can be life threatening.

“Symptoms of anaphylaxis can include a runny nose or a skin rash similar to an allergic reaction or can develop into more serious signs such as coughing, wheezing, and pain, itching or tightness in the chest.

“As a precaution, we are asking people not to consume this product and to return it for a full refund.

“Haigh’s is proactively working with SA Health and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand to remove the affected products from shelves and notify consumers.”

Anyone who has purchased the affected product should check the “best before” date and return it for a full refund or call 8372 7035 for more information.


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