Street meetings

“At the meeting of the Camperdown branch of the A.L.P., a resolution was carried unanimously protesting against the ‘savage sentences’ inflicted upon those who took part in the unemployed demonstration in Macquarie St and other street meetings. The branch said the prosecutions were ‘mere camouflage’, intended as an attack upon the right of freedom of speech of the workers by the Nationalist Government.”

Insulin not a cure

“The Medical Journal of Australia, in dealing with the treatment of diabetics with insulin, states that a considerable period will have to elapse before the full therapeutic significance of this patented preparation can be ascertained. ‘The Public has been told much that is not true [about] the remedy, and it is now convinced that diabetes can be cured by this means. This is not the first time this tragedy has been enacted.'”

Rebuilding Palestine

“Lecturing on ‘Women and Palestine’ at the King’s Hall, Madame Bella Pevsner made an appeal for funds for the settlement of Jewish pioneers in Palestine. She said that Melbourne and Perth had responded generously and had shown the greatest interest in the movement for the rebuilding of Palestine. Madam Pevsner will also travel to New Zealand where she will continue to campaign for the Zionist organisation.”


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