Mr Palmer’s lawyer Michael Sophocles claimed those statements implied Mr Palmer was a traitor to Australia and that he was a threat to, and wanted to harm, the people of WA.

The lawyers also took aim at a Facebook post by Mr McGowan on August 14, where he said Mr Palmer’s $30 billion claim would take “$12,000 from every man, woman and child in Western Australia”.

Mr Sophocles said the claims implied Mr Palmer intended to steal $12,000 from every person and child in the state and that he was willing to bankrupt the state because he was unhappy.

He also said the Facebook post implied Mr Palmer was so dangerous a person that legislation was required to stop him from making a damages claim against the state.

Mr Sophocles said Mr McGowan had refused to apologise and kept making public comments about Mr Palmer, even after a letter was sent seeking an apology on August 4.

“[Mr Palmer] has been brought into hatred, ridicule and contempt and has suffered and continues to suffer loss and damage to his reputation and injury to his feelings,” he said.

Mr McGowan was contacted for comment.


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