J4u Supermarkets (Acme, SuperValue, Von’s, Shaw’s et al) $10/$100+ Visa gc exp 12/12 YMMV


I don’t know when this one started but today is the last day.
Previously it was $15 off wyb $200 or $10 wyb 2 @ $50 vgc.
This is the first time I’ve seen $100+ which means the variable load card might work, IDK.
Someone would have to check DoC or try it.
In the old days I would have used this to consolidate a bunch of smaller value prepaids into a $500 prepaid but the register won’t let you do that any more.
SO this is only a deal for a few such as Mr.V and his 6% back on groceries Amex and for me.
I have a new Chase Sapphire with $800 sign up bonus for $4K spend in 90 days and a $500 card would get me there.


Best to buy

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December 13, 2020 at 03:21AM

By admin