KOHLS w/ FS: Starts 11/22 at 12am ct: Better than free Toastmaster small appliances after: Rebates, Cashback, Kohls Cash, Yes2You, AC


GET READY!! Certain details not yet known (FS threshold, in past years it’s been $Twenty Five) Cashback (best amounts), Rebate Limits per item (usually five per item)

There should be a 20 pct off code that will overlap (and perhaps a $10/50 home code) the first few hours of the sale early Sunday AM. if so, that is the time to order and SCORE BIG SAVINGS and Make Money). you will also earn $15 KC on each $50 NET spend pre tax/post coupons.

BEST CASE DEAL with fs at FIFTY, $10/fifty home and 20 pct off codes:

Order 4 in one order, pay $52.75 plus tax acs. assuming conservative five percent CB, earn another $2.60, net fifty.15 plus tax.

Get back $56 in rebates, fifteen in KCash and two fifty in rewards. about $20 MM. if no $10/fifty code, then a $12.50mm less tax.

Post will be updated to reflect latest info bet now and 11/22. BE SURE TO CHECK BACK.

@KohlsPowrShopper , any info you have that you can add would be most appreciated. (codes, insider info, etc)0_1604777685517_Capture.JPG

Best to buy

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November 8, 2020 at 06:37AM

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