While Ingo Weinberger of Campsie thinks “‘Designed in Australia’ (C8) refers to the label,” Richard Stewart of Pearl Beach thinks he needs to mention to John Swanton that, “given there’s 35,000 Australians on the list from the Chinese hackers. He and me, who have commented on the Chesty Bond arrest, are now another two on that list. Oops”.

“My pleasure of camping ground showers (C8) is not shared by my wife,” says Roger Lea of Caringbah. “We both went together, her to the ladies and me to the men’s, where, after undressing, I put 20c in the coin box and hot water issued. My wife undressed but her coin box was actually very near the entrance and could be overseen from houses on the hill. She wrapped her towel around herself before proceeding – and waved to whoever it was up on the hill with the binoculars.” Peter Miniutti of Ashbury adds: “Many jokes have been made over the years about Englishmen having a reluctance to use soap, but just try to get a visitor from the UK to use an amenity block for a shower with all those bush spiders up on the ceiling and vents.”

“These discussions about dogs playing cricket (C8) bring to mind an incident involving a man who visits the doctor and says: ‘I keep thinking I’m a dog’,” writes Paul Hunt (no relation to Dr Tony) of Engadine. “When the doctor says: ‘hop up on the couch’, he replies: ‘I’m not allowed’.”

Returning to those vexing neighbourhood sounds (C8), Greg Rutter of Musk (Vic) is reminded of the story from some years ago of the Perth man, a shift worker, who repeatedly pleaded with neighbours to limit the daytime noise while he slept but to no avail. “He recorded eight hours of the daytime ruckus and replayed it through locked screened windows from hired concert speakers throughout the night while at work.”

“In the olden days, after the war, I felt a bit sorry for some of the shorter southern European male migrants,” recalls Brian “Stretch” Keast of Minnamurra. “Many of us were taller than them. Many years later, I find today’s kids are so much taller and look down on me. Now I know. Happy 18th birthday today, granddaughter, Amber.”


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