Marty Sheargold has opened up about his decision to quit Nova’s national drive show, Kate, Tim and Marty.

The comedian was a panellist on Have You Been Paying Attention? last night and host Tom Gleisner introduced him by saying: “This Friday will be your last day co-hosting the drive shift on Nova.”

“Fingers crossed, Tom,” Marty joked.

“Have you considered ringing in sick for your last day?” Sam Pang asked Marty.

“I have considered it,” Marty replied.

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The Nova star announced in July that he would be leaving the radio show on September 11 and he revealed on HYBPA last night that he had been finding it tough to find the motivation to rock up to work every day since.

“I gave the news too far out,” Marty said on the Channel 10 show. “It’s been an absolute mental mountain to climb every day to get in there.”

Marty, who is based in Melbourne, has been broadcasting from home for months due to Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdown.

His radio offsiders, Tim Blackwell and Kate Ritchie, both broadcast from Sydney.

Last month Nova announced that Joel Creasey would be joining the drive show from September 14 onwards.

Joel recently told that he reached out to Marty after landing the gig and received a typically hilarious response.

“I sent him a message and I said, ‘Look, any tips, any advice?’ And he just replied, ‘Don’t do it!’” Joel laughed.

Tim told that Joel will be a good fit for the popular drive show because he’ll be “able to hit the ground running” on Monday.

“No one will be getting to know each other and no one will be treading too lightly,” Tim said. “I think that was a pretty important part, that from the first day he can very comfortably make fun of something Kate’s wearing (laughs).”


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