An adorable trio of orphaned baby numbats got a health check at Perth Zoo recently, ahead of National Threatened Species Day on September 7. Footage by the zoo shows vets examining the tiny numbats, which were left orphaned after their mother was killed by a raptor in the wild. The joeys were rescued by Parks and Wildlife staff and brought to the zoo, which is the only one in the world that has experience breeding and rearing numbats. According to the zoo, the smallest of the three did not survive. “Unfortunately the runt of the litter has since passed away, a sober reminder of how fragile this species is, but zoo staff are working round the clock caring for the two remaining siblings who are gaining strength daily,” the zoo said in a press release. Once they are weaned, the zoo aims is to release them in woodland at Dryandra, which is one of the last wild strongholds for the species. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful


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