An ex-Adelaide Crows employee made “persistent and salacious” attempts to convince a 14-year-old girl to meet up with him for “his own sexual gratification”, a court has heard.

However, the girl Justin Kremmer thought he was talking to was instead an undercover operative, and he was arrested by police after he sent a football jumper to a designated address.

The Adelaide District Court heard on Tuesday the operative posed as a sexually uninformed, shy and inexperienced child.

“The accused got down to specific sexual talk with some speed and ease and demonstrated a degree of cunning and manipulation in attempting to get the recipient… to sexually engage with him,” prosecutor Kelly Smith told the court.

“The accused’s behaviour was predatory in nature and he was persistent in his attempts to try and meet up with this child complainant for his own sexual gratification.

“The persistent and salacious nature of what the accused said and did in respect of the female, if directed at a truly vulnerable child, could have carried serious potential to corrupt.”

Kremmer, 31, who had worked in marketing at the football club, pleaded guilty to two counts of communicating to make a child amenable to sexual activity.

His lawyer, Craig Caldicott, said he was struggling with gambling and alcohol problems at the time of the offending.

He said his “whole world came crashing down on him” after his arrest last year, and he subsequently lost his job and relationship.

Mr Caldicott said Kremmer has taken positive steps towards rehabilitation and urged Judge Paul Cuthbertson to release him on a bond.

Kremmer is now working in retail and living in Western Australia with his parents.

His bail was continued ahead of sentencing later this month.


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