Move over Victorian chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton, the leader fetishisation during COVID-19 has a new man of the moment.

Perth singer and comedian Chelsea Jones on Monday released “a country love song dedicated to Perth heart-throb Mark McGowan” – the Western Australian Premier.

In the official music video for the cheeky three-and-a-half minute song, Jones asks: “Do you wanna pick me up, go to the pub and then grab a kebab with me Mark McGowan?”

“I’m in love, I’d do anything for ya, and your hard, hard, hard … border.

“You’ve got the brains, you’ve got the rig, we’re sipping pints at The Swinging Pig. I think this man’s a keeper, he’s wearing the suit but still rocking the sneakers.

“He’s my knight in shining armour, whenever we’re together I’m not worried ‘bout Clive Palmer.”

You can watch the full video in the player above.

The tune centres around Jones’ wish for a date at Mr McGowan’s local pub – The Swinging Pig in Rockingham – along with a nod to the infamous moment he burst out laughing when asked about a man being fined $1000 in New South Wales for eating a kebab on a park bench amid lockdown.

“We’re not making it unlawful to go for a run and eat a kebab,” he said through giggles in April.

Mr McGowan was greeted to a star reception at the pub in late June when the state’s COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed under phase four, allowing the removal of seated service requirements at licensed premises and the service of alcohol as part of unseated service arrangements.

The song also references the Premier’s border exemption for the Easter bunny and billionaire Clive Palmer’s refusal to give up several bitter legal disputes with the WA Government.

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In the music video, Jones carries a cardboard cut-out of the state leader from outside his electorate office in the southwest city of Rockingham to various locations including Nicko’s Place Shish Kebabs, the pub, the arcade and a bedroom.

It also features a make-out session on a pier and a guitar solo on the beach.

She told the cut-out of the Premier cost $60.

“We printed Mark in three sections at Officeworks and then glued him together onto a piece of cardboard,” she said.

Jones wrote and produced the music and her partner Jarrod White filmed and directed the video which garnered a “good laugh” from the Rockingham locals during the couple’s two-night getaway.

Jones told the song “pretty much wrote itself” as WA is “communally crushing on Mark McGowan”.

“I thought he would make the perfect subject for a country love song,” the 26-year-old Perth local said.

“He’s got all the ingredients of a heart-throb – the brains, the looks, the cheeky sense of humour!”

Jones has sent the song to the 53-year-old Premier via his staff but is yet to receive a response.

“I think if I made Mark McGowan laugh that would be more than enough for me,” she said.

“He’s a bit of a comedian himself so it would be the ultimate compliment.”

She told 6PR radio on Monday a few people were “a bit concerned” about his wife hearing her love song that is admittedly “a little bit raunchy”.

“But knowing Mark, I’m sure that his lady (Sarah McGowan) must have a good sense of humour. I’m sure she’ll find it funny,” she said.

As for what is next for the jokester, who has also acted on a number of Australian television shows including Neighbours in the 2000s, Jones said she is considering tackling “a bit of a video about Karen”.

“I want to do a song from her point of view, that’s like a lament. She is the biggest victim of 2020, I reckon that might be next,” she said.


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