Save 50% on a new Shipt 1-year same-day delivery membership ($49 instead of $99) per this week’s Target ad, plus 4-week free trial (exp. Nov. 14)

I’ve never used a delivery service but saw this 1/2 off deal for a Shipt membership in this week’s Target ad.
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Enter your address to verify you’re within the delivery area for your closest Target.
Have hesitated to use delivery services because of the added cost per item (even curbside pickup is almost always more), but from what I understand Target owns Shipt so they keep prices the same as in-store to better compete with Amazon and Walmart. $35 minimum order to get free delivery.
Covid cases around here are skyrocketing, so $49 a year is a small price to pay to limit exposure. Granted, Target’s grocery section isn’t exactly Wegmans, but it will be a great way to get same day delivery on basic foods, cleaning supplies, personal care items, etc., without having to leave the house, especially with our Northeast winter just around the corner.

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November 13, 2020 at 10:19AM

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