South Australians are bracing for a record-breaking burst of spring heat, with temperatures set to soar across the state.

Along with the “intense” early season heat are warnings of “fierce” northerly winds that bring the chance of damage and dust storms for parts of the state, brought on by a build up in Australia’s northwest.

“During August, plenty of records were broken in northwestern Australia including Australia’s hottest winter temperature on record. That early season build up of heat has been dragged down into South Australia today,” Sky Weathermeteorologist Rob Sharpe explained.

Multiple areas could see their hottest day this early in the season on record, he added, including Adelaide, Ceduna and Mt Gambier.

The winds will see the mercury rise in Adelaide from a low of 17 up to 31C this afternoon, with the capital set to swelter through its hottest September day in nine years.

The Bureau of Meteorology have issued a Severe Weather Warning for damaging winds across western and southern parts of SA, with gusts around 90km/h coming from the Tasman Sea today.

Residents in Lower Eyre Peninsula, Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and parts of Mount Lofty Ranges, West Coast, Lower South East and North West Pastoral districts have been advised by the State Emergency Service (SES) to secure or put away any loose items around their properties and stay indoors if conditions intensify.

A number of those districts, including Kangaroo Island and the Lower South East and North West Pastoral, also face ‘Very High’ fire danger ratings today.

The heat isn’t expected to stick around for long, however, as a cold front moves through the state on Tuesday, dropping temperatures from midnight in Adelaide and in Melbourneand Hobart at midday tomorrow.

Melbourne today will see a top of 24C and windy conditions, with possible showers tomorrow and a high of 20C. Similar wind gusts to South Australia’s, of up to 100km/h, are also expected to sweep across Victoria as the weather system over the Tasman Sea moves offshore.

In Hobart, it’s cloudy weather and a top of 22, with showers forecast for tomorrow and toward the end of the week.

Temperatures in Sydneyare expected to stay between the low-to mid-20s all week, with rain forecast on Wednesday and Thursday before a sunny weekend.

It’ll be mostly sunny in Canberra, with a top of 20C today before the mercury dips to 14C midweek, along with scattered rain and light winds.

It’s another wet day in southeast Queensland, with showers in Brisbaneand temperatures in the mid-20s to stick around for most of the week.

Up in the Top End, and maximum temperatures in Darwin will shoot to 36C from today until midweek. A fire weather warning for severe fire danger has been issued for Darwin and Adelaide River and Northern Fire Protection Area.

And over in Perth, there’ll be some showers early in the week with a top of 19C today, with temperatures sticking around the low-to mid-20s for the rest of the week.


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