[This article was first published in 2016]

Using a database of 14,750 names of notable philosophers, mathematicians, writers, artists and composers, poet laureates and Nobel Prize winners, geneology website MooseRoots has identified the most common first names for geniuses.

If you want your child to grow up clever, you might want to try giving them one of these monikers.

The most common name among male geniuses is ‘John’, with an impressive 352 men with this name showing up in MooseRoots’s list.

The most common genius name for women is ‘Mary’, with 140 geniuses with the name in the list.

Below is the top 10 genius names for girls and boys – check to see if your name is on there.

The top 20 names for smart people

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Top 10 names for male geniuses

  1. John

  2. Robert

  3. William

  4. Charles

  5. David

  6. James

  7. Richard

  8. Johann

  9. George

  10. Paul

Top 10 names for female geniuses

  1. Mary 

  2. Elizabeth

  3. Maria

  4. Anne

  5. Margaret

  6. Susan

  7. Ruth

  8. Anna

  9. Alice

  10. Dorothy


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