A homeless man’s desperate search for his missing dog is breaking hearts as the hunt for the rescue dog reaches its fourth day.

Sydney man Nathan last saw his dog Shaggy on Sunday August 30 in Circular Quay when he went to use the bathroom. He fears somebody may have stolen his beloved pooch.

“He is so upset, he can’t sleep, he hasn’t slept,” Anne Marie from Arthur Co Pet Concierge told news.com.au. She said she believes someone may have taken Shaggy thinking she was lost, or not properly cared for. But she said Nathan rescued Shaggy when she was dumped in a bin and in a badly neglected state.

Since then, he has paid for Shaggy’s vet care since he adopted her last year. “It’s not up to individual people to make a decision about a dog’s welfare with no information.”

She said when he lost his dog it was a distressing scene because “no one would help him” and a bystander said they just thought it was the “ramblings of a crazy homeless guy”.

Shaggy is microchipped — however her microchip is registered to her old owners, who left her dumped in a bin, according to Arthur and Co.

Nathan told Arthur and Co he “goes without so he can give her quality food”.

“I’m very picky about what she eats,” he said. “I saved her but really she saved me”.

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“If you have any information on her whereabouts or any sightings to report then please contact 0447 012 933.” Or you can contact Arthur and Co Pet Concierge.

Arthur and Co are trying to get CCTV from the local area and are running paid ads on social media to raise awareness about the search.

Nathan hopes someone picked up his beloved Shaggy thinking she’d been lost.

“It’s time for her to be reunited with her loving owner,” the Facebook post from Arthur & Co read.

Many commenting on the posts on social media said the story “broke their heart” and said they’d try to get the story shared on social media.

“That’s so sad. They only have each other,” one woman wrote. “I hope this pup gets home soon. If I found this dog, that would be reward enough.”

“Very few homeless people have much left some through no fault of their own dignity is sometimes all that’s left. Please find it in your heart to return and reunite,” one person wrote.

“Just heartbreaking. I hope she is handed back to her owner safe and sound,” another said.

“I’m crying even reading this. I hope the local networks pick this up. Please help,” another woman wrote. “Hope Shaggy comes home soon! Breaks my heart. Really really heartbreaking to read this.

“Nathan, Shaggy will come home soon mate. He will. Don’t give up.”


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