Shopping is easier now more than ever and we’re not just talking about being able to shop from the comforts of home. You can now check for the lowest prices in multiple catalogs, availability of products, comparison of prices, special promotions, discounts, reviews and latest prices on your smartphone.

Save time, trips and money by going through your grocery list quick and easy. Some of these apps even reward you for being an avid shopper and lets you join forces with other savvy shoppers to find the best prices for anything you can find under the sun.


If you like to shop with your smartphone, this app is for you. Similar to what Groupon does, LivingSocial also provides deals between 50% – 90% off in your city, every day. Users can just view deals and buy directly via their smartphones. The good thing is when you refer 3 friends to get the same deal like you do, you’ll get yours for free.


Thisdeal24 is a beautiful fashion discount center. You can easily find the best and latest discount fashion items within 5 seconds from more than 20 different e-commerce platforms such as shopbop, icoinic, farfetch and etc. Currently they are the best fashion discount app in Australia. And soon they will enter the US market.


Google Shopper

Google Shopper provides information like prices, reviews, videos and more of millions of products right on your smartphone, recognizing them via barcode, voice, text search or even cover art. You can easily make the best purchasing decision by comparing prices in different online stores.

PlatformiOS | Android

Amazon Price Check

Users can use its built-in scanners to scan barcodes, upload a picture of a product, speech or text search to get the product descriptions, find customer reviews and the lowest prices available from and its merchants.

PlatformiOS | Android


A very powerful barcode scanner and QR code reader to search for the right product at the best prices, either on online stores or local stores. It also provides a map to locate the nearest stores for best pricing. If you find a good deal, buy it instantly from the merchant ecommerce site or save it to buy online later.

PlatformiOS | Android | Windows

The Coupons App

Put a real-time coupon widget with The Coupons App to save money at local stores, restaurants and even gas stations. Not only that, you can share a coupon with friends and family via email or Facebook.

PlatformiOS | Android

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