A Victoria Police commander will front the hotel quarantine inquiry on Friday, the first person from the force to appear so far at the probe into what went wrong with the bungled scheme.

North West Metro commander Tim Tully will face questions about the day-to-day involvement of Victoria Police in the program.

The inquiry has previously heard it was Victoria Police’s preference for private security firms to be the first line of defence in guarding returned travellers.

Unified Security operations manager Mo Nagi told the inquiry on Thursday it would have been better for Victoria Police to take the lead role with backup from private security instead.

“That‘s just really based on the information I’m receiving from our Sydney-based team who have the NSW Police on the ground who they support,” he said. “And that’s working really well and that’s been really effective.”

In one instance, Mr Nagi said, he was forced to restrain a female guest after she pelted security guards with apples and oranges and then attacked a nurse.

Noel Cleaves from the Department of Health and Human Services and Rachaele May from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions will also give evidence.


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