Almost 40 Vietnamese nationals have been deported from the country, including some deemed “high risk”.

The detainees were removed from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and boarded a flight to Ho Chi Minh City last Tuesday.

Of the 38 people removed from Australia, 24 had their visas cancelled, with 10 of them deemed high risk. The other 14 overstayed their visas.

Footage shows some of the Vietnamese nationals were handcuffed and escorted on-board the plane.

Some wore face masks.

Australian Border Force commander field operations Ben Biddington said the organisation resolved to remove non-citizens who did not comply with their visa conditions.

“Non-citizens who are found to not meet character requirements, and whose visas are cancelled are not entitled to remain in Australia,” he said.

“Non-citizens who are unlawfully in Australia, and who have no entitlement to remain, will be removed”.


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